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DT- Dual pole stand

Dual Pole Stand

This is our special custom design and a unique custom stand. Our pole stands allow for the cable to run through the base of the pole. Plastic cover hides, the cables and mounting screws for a sleek professional look to your space.

Made from aluminium or steel ( depending on model )  for longevity, and finished in a fingerprint-resistant and scratch resistant powder coat. When it comes to security we have added tamper-resistant stainless steel screws to keep your device secure.

Main feature on this model :

  • Allows for 2 frames to be mounted onto 1 pole stand. If you require 2 different size of model frames please contact us with that option. 
  • This model has the 2 tamper-resistant screws on the back of the stand.
  • Price includes 2 frames of the above selection. 
  • ( dimensions and weight are approximate and based on 9.7" frame )


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