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South Africa to Launch Digital Vaccination Passports

Around the world, more people are getting vaccinated in hopes to return to ‘normal’ life. Vaccine Passports are becoming popular amongst many countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, India and so on. A vaccine passport is a physical or digital health credential to confirm a person’s vaccination status. Although being vaccinated is not mandatory, those who are unvaccinated may face difficulty when travelling overseas, entering establishments such as nightclubs, restaurants & gyms as well as attending music festivals, concerts, and sport events.


President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the South African Government is looking into vaccination passports. He mentioned that the vaccination passports will be in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.



The Department of Health has announced that the digital vaccination passport is undergoing testing and may be launched later this week. The system will be in line with the WHO guidelines and will be in the form of a QR Code. The passport will allow lockdown restrictions to be eased.


What does that mean for employers, restaurants, night clubs & bars and sport events? In order to gain access into an establishment that would be considered ‘high-risk’ one would need to prove their vaccination record by scanning a QR Code. The owners of these establishments must have a way to scan these QR Codes on a tablet or similar device. 


However, with the crime rate in our country, you will need to keep your device safe and secure. That’s where Taunton Technologies comes in. We specialize in designing and manufacturing iPad and Tablet stands made to withstand foot traffic and high usage. We can provide a secure housing solution for your device, while looking sleek and professional. Whether you want your device securely mounted to a counter or tabletop, or mounted onto the wall, or housed securely in a floor stand, we have a solution for you.

Is your business ready to accept Digital Vaccine Passports?

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